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We put ourselves on the line.

24″ Wellsboro Pipeline East Creek Slip Remediation

The Hillis Group was contacted to proactively restore recently discovered soil fractures on a steep slope.  During the initial exploratory excavations, numerous spring seeps, organic materials, and timbers were discovered which resulted in more of an extensive repair than initially designed. Over 6,500 cubic yards of soils were excavated from…

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Blacklog Creek Ford Remediation

After heavy rains and high flood waters caused major stream bed erosion, leaving a ford impassable, The Hillis Group was contacted to repair a railcar bridge.  We mobilized to Spread 3 on the Mariner East II Pipeline and began constructing a dam and pump around, imported native cobble stone and…

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Franklin & Dorrance Loops

The Hillis Group was brought in to complete 17 miles of final restoration and pipeline work for our client, chosen for our unique ability to seamlessly cross lines of services from civil, to pipeline, to restoration.  The work scope included: restoring subgrade contours, decompaction of right of way, rock picking,…

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