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We put ourselves on the line.

Building success from the ground up

About Us

After working for a local contractor’s company and moving my way up in the ranks from a part-time high school job to Vice President of the company, I felt like there was a better way of doing things. I wanted to start a business that was more efficient and produced projects with better, stronger outcomes. So, I left and started The Hillis Group.

In November of 2004, I went out on a limb, took out a loan, and started The Hillis Group, LLC. I took on my first job which allowed me to pay back the loan and hire my first employee, who is still with the company today.

Since then we have grown significantly. We have formed a loyal team who has helped contribute to our success. And, we have retained many of our customers since our conception.

We have a good reputation because we do good work. We don’t believe in shortcuts. The terms that we agree to on the project, are exactly what you get. We want our work to be consistent and repeatable so that when clients return to us, they know what they are getting. We believe in transparency in the process, and getting the job done correctly, the first time. Some of the work we’ve gotten over the years is because other businesses don’t operate by the same principles, and they bite off more than they can chew. They can’t complete projects correctly or on deadline, or they run out of money and fold. We are always ready to step in and take action.

Over the years, we’ve developed a proven process, tested policies, and put safety measures in place that protect us and you. The Hillis Group philosophy differs from our competitors’ because we emphasize building relationships and developing repeat business. A job is not complete until our customer is 100% satisfied.

Michael W. Hillis
The Hillis Group, LLC

Our Core Values At Work
  • Safety
  • Honor
  • Adaptability
  • Reliability
  • Pride
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