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We put ourselves on the line.

24″ Wellsboro Pipeline East Creek Slip Remediation

  • Restoration Project
  • Tioga County, PA
  • June - November 2020

The Hillis Group was contacted to proactively restore recently discovered soil fractures on a steep slope.  During the initial exploratory excavations, numerous spring seeps, organic materials, and timbers were discovered which resulted in more of an extensive repair than initially designed. Over 6,500 cubic yards of soils were excavated from the slope.  Close to 75% of the exposed section of pipeline had to be sandblasted and recoated.  The pipeline was wrapped with new rock shield and 4 new clay trench plugs were installed. A large R-4 riprap toe was installed at the base of the slope for solid stability.  A complete drainage system was installed on the slope with a total of 8 drainage laterals.  As the laterals were installed and backfilling efforts were finished, the crew completed restoration efforts by establishing final grades with topsoil and permanent stabilization to establish the necessary vegetation requirements. 

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