We provide complete clearing services!

The Hillis Group, LLC is known for our ability to safely and successfully handle the roughest terrain, providing experienced employees with impeccable right-of-way (ROW) clearing experience for your toughest projects.  The Hillis Group can perform any size clearing project from selective individual tree cutting to multiple acres of tree clearing, utilizing modern forestry equipment.

In our line of work, terrain, conditions and regulatory standards are constantly changing, and so it is crucial that your contractor is adaptable, smart and proactive. We adhere to strictest safety, environmental, and schedule restrictions.

The Hillis Group, LLC has what it takes. We are capable of ability to mobilize on short notice for quick turn-around projects, fast-paced hand felling to meet environmental deadlines and nimble enough to effectively handle small projects and large enough to get big jobs done on time.

The Hillis Group’s services include:

Hand felling of trees ROW clearing and chipping Timber mat hauling
ROW grubbing and grinding Timber mat installation Temporary and permanent fencing
Heaving haul trucking    

The Hillis Group’s skilled management team can handle any project from start to finish.